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Inya  Lake 1963

 As an avid Burma book collector for many years, I have acquired a number of duplicates which I wish to offer to the Burma community. My original plan was to one day repatriate my entire collection to Burma to start a small free library. That doesn't seem likely any time soon. By selling these books at cost to other Burmaphiles,  my intention now is make space to further expand the collection.

Visitors are encouraged to offer Burma related titles for sale or barter. Although I am not providing a book search service, I welcome inquiries about difficult to find books.

Anyone visiting this site is of course aware of the sad state of affairs in Burma since 1962.  The future for Burma looks bleak. By collecting books on Burma  I can maintain in a small way  my connection with this fascinating country.

Dan Johnston


 April 2018

The recent opening of Burma to foreign interactions offers a glimmer of hope for the first time in years. Only time will tell if this change is real or just another cynical tactic by the Junta. 








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